Saturday 18 September 2021

'Lost Glove'

Another piece as part of the international exhibition called Texnet2 in EPM (Carrefour Européen du Patchwork) in 2021

This was made to be part of the October section of our Texnet2 exhibition calendar.
For me October in Ireland has a ‘rusty’ feel and I decided to depict it as a lost glove.
I imagined an antique glove lost by a lady . . . perhaps in a park . . perhaps during a romantic rendezvous !
The abandoned glove is left to be taken over by nature and eventually to become part of the landscape.

I bought some antique gloves and I dyed them using flowers, leaves and lots of rust sprinkles !

The background layers are silk, vintage linen and cotton which all got a dip and steam in natural dye.
I added lots of delicious antique lace for more history and to add to the story.

Then I hand stitched fossils and started adding deep rustic looking flowers intertwining themselves through the glove. Lots of chunky bullion stitches and french knots.

The lady who dropped the glove has her secrets safely hidden forever !!

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  1. If she could see what happened to her glove she would be very happy.It s beautiful.