Thursday 21 February 2013

Introducing Madrigals . . .

'Madrigals' are unaccompanied vocal composition popular during the Renaissance ; a piece for several voices set to a short poem, usually about love. They express the emotion contained in each line, and sometimes individual words.

I have wanted for a long time now to try making a series of collections -  pieces, linked by style and ideas, even though they were often quite individual. This collections of cuffs, art pendants, brooches, earrings and amulets will be grown and named Madrigals. I picked the name ‘Madrigal’ for my collection of Renaissance art cuffs and jewellery because it represents the individual elements that combine to celebrate that richly elaborate era.

My Renaissance ladies will be adorned with rustic ceramic beads and delicious Czech picasso glass, a little Victorian lace, a little embroidery and lots and lots of love.

Here are some ladies in waiting . . . .

I have picked Renaissance portraits as they are so deliciously dark and moody.  A celebration of deep colours and use of light. I have tried something new this time to add to my fabric jewellery- lovely wooden beads and some decoupage. I printed and sealed the images onto wood and then played with adding antique lace and acrylic paint sheen to the mix. I have to admit I am indulging myself in picking mixtures of gorgeous rustic dark ceramic beads and Czech picasso glass beads - such amazing beauty - so hard to resist.

Here is the style of cuff I have started with. I just added some to my etsy shop today.

Other pieces are in the form of textile amulets.
Some pieces of teased out vintage cotton fabric combined with deep purple felt. I knitted some yarn and then felt embellished and finally cut and embroidered - trapping silk fibers of deep rich shades. All of the pieces are bound together with threads and make a light sturdy pendant. 
I thought immediately of an amulet - worn for luck and protection. The beads added were chosen to reflect the Renaissance style where rich dark beaded jewellery was seen in portraits of the era.

The pendants also echo the style with portraits on wood and selections of wired stacked beads.

I hope to be adding brooches and earrings soon to my Madrigals.