Monday, 8 March 2021

Texnet2 International Exhibition

Introducing two pieces that I made for an international exhibition called Texnet2.
I am delighted to be part of this wonderful project which is a collaboration of 21 international textile artists.
We are artists from Europe, United States, Canada and Australia and have interacted, discussed, planned and inspired each other via a facebook group since 2018 under the guidance of Juliette Eckel.

The result of our project Texnet2, a collection of 377 textiles works.
It was a joy to work on as well as so wonderful to get to know fellow textile artists who I have never actually met !  
The pandemic canceled our chance to exhibit in EPM (Carrefour Européen du Patchwork) in September 2020, perhaps it will be kinder in 2021.

The first piece called ‘Say Rabbit for Luck’ is a very special lady.
Our family have always followed the tradition of saying ‘rabbit’ on the first of the month.
It was always the challenge to be the first to say it on the day and grab the luck.
When I was young I thought it was only our family until I realised this tradition is widespread with people saying  ‘rabbit’  ‘white rabbit’  or  ‘pinch punch’.

It was made with naturally dyed silk, lots of antique lace and hand stitching.
Layers of fabric I dyed with flowers and leaves and antique lace for texture.
Dandelions are embroidered to add to the luck and wishes.
I gave bunny a blush watercolour bath before hand stitching and adding a lace collar.
The piece is 32 cm square.

‘Wish Nest’ is the second textile piece I made for the Texnet2 exhibition.
It is a 15 x 32 cm piece and features a bluebird of happiness building a nest of words.

I dyed the background silk noil with flowers and leaves and then hand stitched the bluebird.
The nest is a mix of dyed silk ribbon and ripped fabric with an antique lace soft centre.
The words and wishes are printed on cotton and stitched and woven through the nest.

In all made 11 different medium size pieces for this exhibition and then one very large piece 
80cm x 150cm that I stitched throughout lockdown in Dublin. 

It is the largest embroidery I have made and hope to share images soon .  .  .  .  .  .  .