Tuesday, 23 February 2021

‘I am my inner stitch . . . the needle dreams my journey’

August 2020
The Irish Guild of Embroiderers exhibition in the Lexicon called ‘2020’ celebrating 20 year Anniversary of the guild.

One little needle and lots and lots of thread and the journey begins.
I celebrate the magic of embroidery that creates worlds just by moving that needle in and out of cloth.
I have learnt to trust it and go where it takes me.
My flowers and creatures are not accurate species, they appear on fabric with their own personalities mixed with mine.
I love the wildness of free stitching that can be unpredictable, satisfying, therapeutic and totally addictive.
All of the elements I love are in this piece, naturally dyed fabric, antique lace, vintage textiles and very slow hand stitching. 

First I made the flowers, a little alien and imagined. Then some seed pods . . . even more dreamed up !

I always like to add a few mushrooms, they are part of fairy tales and magic and I love their stalks and textures.You can really have fun texturing a mushroom !

I prefer to stitch birds on a separate fabric and they cut out very close to the stitching and add to background. I find it is easier to position and also can give a slight three dimensional feel.

When the birds had taken their perches I added the needles they hold and linked them all together with a thread to form my stitch journey.

Antique lace is a big part of my textile embroidery and it is the texture and history I always add to my work. For me it brings the story together.