Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Salvage Textiles

Sometimes inspiration for a textile piece comes from found objects and materials.

I came across some beautiful antique nails in a market that were from church salvage in Malaga.
They were dated 1750 and I wanted to include them in some textile art.

I naturally dyed silk with flowers and leaves with some rust in dye mix to add depth and darken.
I also included vintage linen and some frayed scrim.

Bits of antique lace for further history, including some parts of French lace Edwardian wedding dress sleeves.

I made a few pieces each with added antique nail and the motifs I embroidered were of arches and doorways to echo where they were salvaged from.
I love that someone thought to keep the nails and hold onto a piece of historic craftsmanship.

I choose titles that reflected their history.
They are wrapped onto canvas and framed into box frames.