Saturday 14 July 2012

Wild Garden - a fiber wrist corsage . . .

I decided to try a little plaiting.
I had first intended making a simple sari silk plait bracelet - but as usual got carried away. I will make those simpler versions - but this is the one that just wanted to be a little wilder !!

(1) First I spent a bit of time plaiting sari silk - I just love braiding, a very relaxing and satisfying thing to do. Just cut three equal lengths, tie one end to a door handle and off you go.
Here is pre braided sari silk pic and then post braided pic.

(2) I choose a particularly yummy raspberry purple sari silk  .  .  .  .  but then I could not resist adding in a strand of knitting yarn - the colour mix was perfect. The knit yarn is 90% wool 10% acrylic and made the final plait thicker and more textured. 

(3) I picked three Czech glass bellflower beads, a lucite trumpet bead, some raspberry and purple shimmer seed beads and a deep purple ribbon for the base.

At this stage I brought all the elements downstairs and put on a movie.
I wonder does the choice of viewing influence how the piece turns out?
I prefer to work while watching something I have seen before - I like to keep my
attention on what I am making and just be able to look up from time to time!
( I was watching - Thelma and Louise, so maybe that is why it grew a little wild !! )

(4) I sewed the fiber mix along the ribbon - twirling into a circle at the centre.
I added extra twists of plaited sari silk for more texture.
I put in the Czech and lucite beads and attached them with the seed beads.

5) I felt it needed something else. I looked at buttons / charms / keys but they all looked too bright. It cried out for a dark colour to anchor it. 

I finally settled on a lovely piece of black Victorian lace c1880 for both the extra depth of colour and a little bit of history.

So here it is - a little silk, a little wool, a mix of beads, some new ribbon and some old lace . . . . . 
a very ‘wild garden’ (very Thelma and Louise) wrist corsage.

Monday 2 July 2012

I got it covered . . .

I’m always on the look out for interesting buttons to use on my fabric cuffs.
Often it is difficult to find just the right look.
So I have started to make my own ‘new/old’ ones using antique and vintage lace.
I have recently added some to my etsy shop.

It got me excited about the whole ‘button’  idea - a small capsule dip of design - like a mini painting. I love that you can add a detailed designer button to a plain top or bag and make it unique.

I now want to experiment with embroidery on linen and also on antique lace and to have a section in queenofcuffs for them.

These first covered buttons are made onto a silver tone metal button base -  first a layer of modern cotton and then over that some beautiful pale cream antique 1910 lace.

More buttons this time with lovely pale pink antique c1920 open net lace. It is only a little bit pink and looks very stylish. They make a wonderful statement and are a nice big size.

Hope to be adding some embroidered buttons soon.

Sunday 1 July 2012

First of July - RABBIT !

public domain image from

Our family has a tradition (and superstition) which states that a person should say ‘rabbit’ out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month.
I thought when I was younger that it was just our family but later realised that this little quirk goes on in many parts of the world. In fact the folklore can be found in writing as early as 1909 with many famous and historical people admitting to taking part.
Some people repeat ‘rabbit rabbit’ others ‘white rabbit’ or a combination.
Whatever is said  - it is just a case of getting in there first and grabbing the luck !!
But be careful - it can become competitive.
As we grew up we have altered the rules to allow for the fact we are not all under the same roof.
Why not make your own rules - bring it up to date - do texts and e-mails count ?
So here, on this blog post ( live at one minute past midnight ) .  .  .  .
.  .  .  .   is my Rabbit  for July 2012 - note to my little sister - Got Ya ! )