Sunday, 1 July 2012

First of July - RABBIT !

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Our family has a tradition (and superstition) which states that a person should say ‘rabbit’ out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month.
I thought when I was younger that it was just our family but later realised that this little quirk goes on in many parts of the world. In fact the folklore can be found in writing as early as 1909 with many famous and historical people admitting to taking part.
Some people repeat ‘rabbit rabbit’ others ‘white rabbit’ or a combination.
Whatever is said  - it is just a case of getting in there first and grabbing the luck !!
But be careful - it can become competitive.
As we grew up we have altered the rules to allow for the fact we are not all under the same roof.
Why not make your own rules - bring it up to date - do texts and e-mails count ?
So here, on this blog post ( live at one minute past midnight ) .  .  .  .
.  .  .  .   is my Rabbit  for July 2012 - note to my little sister - Got Ya ! )

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  1. how cute and funny. I believe any little family tradition like that helps keep the ties that bond us strong, don't you?