Friday, 29 June 2012

Keeping it Simple . . .

.  .  .  I am trying to introduce some light simple wrist wraps into my etsy shop.

The urge to bead - embroider - and then bead some more, is very strong
and a hard habit to break. I find beading relaxing and fun but not everyone
likes that much detail in a fabric bracelet.
So with this in mind, I challenged myself to make some wrist wraps using
my favourite elements -  vintage and antique lace (but not a bead in sight)
-  to keep it simple.

I sourced a selection of lace approx one inch wide ( I enjoyed ever second of
that search) tracking some down in markets and some more on the web.
I choose lace from 1920's and 1930's to add a soft vintage look and because
it is so stylish, so very Downton Abbey. 
To add something decorative, I printed beautiful vintage images of butterflies
and bees onto cotton and sewed a light backing. 
I picked these images as they were very popular at the time a lot of the
lace would have been made. I also like some of the common associations;
Butterfly with long life / transformation / soul  / remembrance
Bee with luck / wisdom / diligence.

I was surprising how much I loved these simple pieces when they were made.
Some are tied with a small shell button - some with long ribbon.
So more of these are on the way soon for the shop.
Lesson learnt - sometimes keeping it simple is just as pretty and as much fun.

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