Thursday, 28 June 2012

A nest for a Raven . . .

.  .  .  I just love Ravens.
Can't work out exactly why I am drawn to them so much, maybe it's my dark side!
Although I love soft shades and use pale fabrics and lace in my work, I have never been a 'powder pink' sort of girl and black would be my default choice to wear - (against all the hopeful urging of my family wanting me to break out and be colourful).

Darkly mystical - who can doubt the power of the Raven.
It's glossy deep plumage has sparked legends both dark and brave.
Often feared but also much revered - in mythology it was the Raven that placed the sun in the sky ! Truly a bird to have on your side.

I often include dark birds in my art and for this piece I printed a portrait onto cotton. It's 'nest' is black antique Victorian lace (c1890) and then nestling inside I put a Victorian glass button, wonderfully shiny, with so many sides catching the light.

The loop over the chain is also antique lace on which I have sewn seed beads in small flowers. Seed beads surround the Raven in a mixture of matt black and iridescent blue. I added a further piece of Victorian lace at the back.
I love making quirky pieces - with a little history.

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