Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Lovely Rust

In a previous post in February I explained my own starter method for eco dyeing.
I wanted to add more that a small rusted key or two for my next eco fun.

I was delighted to find some wonderfully old antique pieces in a market.
They didn’t cost much and were perfect for wrapping silk around.
The sellers were eager to tell me how I could clean them up and surprised when
I said I would be keeping them in their non pristine crusty rusty state.

They worked a treat for wrapping long pieces of silk and meant that rust was interacting with my leaves and rose petals evenly with each turn.

Wrapping around these larger bases also seemed to speed up the drying time,
always a good thing when impatience for the reveal is unbearable .  .  . here is one as I unwrapped.

I love the way the colours darkened the closer the silk was to the rusted center.

These two antique beauties will be my dye friends again and again,
and are out in the rain growing a new fashionably deep brown coat.

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