Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Making a Fabric Flower Bouquet

My First Fabric Flower Bouquet !
A very special couple just had a wonderful celebration - namely a 60th wedding anniversary - a truly great occasion. . . wow. !!
I wanted to make a personal anniversary gift and decided on a mini bouquet.    
As I was travelling to the event I was not sure how fresh the flowers would be on arrival so decided I would try my very first fabric bouquet.
Here is how it went !!
I looked at some complex and some simple styles on web and then there was lots of making it up as I went along.
I can tell you it does take a bit of preparation and some time but it is such a fun thing to do.

(1) Cut and singe
I bought some chiffon in white and some in pale pink and cut lots of circles - approx  6 inches diameter. You don’t have to be too careful with exact shape of circles.
But patience is needed for next stage - carefully singeing all around each circle - just heating enough to seal but not burn - not so easy. If you do burn a little - just cut off that piece of black and singe again. I found the easiest way to do this is over a candle.

(2) Making the flowers.
I folded and gathered a circle -  loosely sewing at the end  - four of these together made the flower size I wanted.

(3) Stem
I used hobby/florist wires for the stems.
I bent the wire and sewed on the flower and then to soften the stem and give a little body I used padding - just wrapping thread around to hold.  I finished off by wrapping with green florist tape. At tops I added some dyed silk petals - looks pretty and also helps secure the flower neatly.

For centers of flowers I picked nice white / pink fabric sewn around padding into little balls. The detail is made by embroidering knots with white cotton yarn and then lots of seed beads. ( I find it hard to make anything without adding seed beads !! )

(5) Wrap
I wrapped the bouquet with 1940’s white open work lace and at top added 1920’s thin lace. I printed the wedding date on cotton as a final touch.

The individual flowers can then be adjusted  - fluffed up - tweeked until it looks done !!

There are so many amazing fabric bouquets to be seen on the web - I am in awe at the detail and beauty of them. There are many ways to make one - mine is just my idea of how to go about it. 
It turned out a light bouquet to hold  - just what I wanted to make - and I learnt a lot making it !!


  1. oh wow. That is no ordinary flower brooch! The amount of effort and detail is amazing. Stunning work Mary.

  2. If my first attempt was only half as good as that I would be delighted!

    Beautifully made and thank you for sharing the process.

  3. Love your work and love the pictures and explanations, thank you so much,


  4. Adorable! I wish I had had one of those for my wedding!

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