Monday, 27 August 2012

Truly Gifted Mallow !

Just a short note about a fun day yesterday in Mallow Co. Cork.
Queen of Cuffs is now on the shelves there !!

Set off on early train with hubby - crosswords and sandwiches on the way.
I  brought a selection of cuffs / wrist wraps / fabric pendants and fabric rings.
Heading for the lovely craft gallery shop ‘Truly Gifted’ which is situated in the Hibernian Way, just off main street Mallow. This lovely gem of a shop belongs to Majella and Bart and is a fun place to visit and a perfect one to find a unique gift.
The concept is that artists and crafts people rent space there and as no commission is charged -prices for buyers can be kept at very tempting levels !
Majella is also a glass artist and offers glass fusing workshops -  see their website for more info and a list of artists

I spent a very indulgent and totally compulsive time ‘arranging and re arranging’ my pieces on shelves!!
My only regret was that I forgot to bring my camera .  .  .  next time.
Bart kindly took a phone pic of my shelves for me. 
But no pics of the great bar that hubby found while I was shelf arranging - or the lovely place we had a well earned meal. Leaving all my creations displayed and shelved we headed for train and snoozed our way back to Dublin.

So if near Mallow - call in and have a look.
Next stock drop - more photos.

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  1. Ah ha! I was there while you were setting up, but I'll definitely have to go back and have a proper look at all the pretties! :)