Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Titanic Anniversary thoughts

There is sooooo much at the moment about Titanic it is starting to get to a 'tipping' point of interest!
I have recently heard people say that they have heard enough about it - seen enough about it - seen too many TV series etc etc !! So I started to wonder - firstly why is Titanic so much taken to heart - why is this sad event so ingrained in our minds that it has become a story we all know and (mostly) do not tire of hearing about? Also, where is the line to be drawn of 'good taste' with Titanic? I admit I have linked some of my lace cuffs and pendants to the ship in my etsy shop by the titles I used. This is because of the Edwardian lace and images from that era I had incorporated in these pieces. I hope I have done this tastefully - but can't help feeling - just a little  - that I in my small way am also cashing in on the tragedy. I respect many of the links to the anniversary and see how they are still keeping the memory alive but now and then I see items that border on the 'not such good taste' and that makes me uneasy. Is the real tragedy lost in the tragic glamour?
The fantastic Belfast Museum tells the story - Titanic parties, unless carefully done, might miss that.

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